Bingo Stories

Hitting the Jackpot

I love BINGO the thrill of 3tg, 2tg, 1tg sitting on the edge of your chair hoping to see a win, hoping to hit one more jackpot.

Late for Bingo

I was rushing to my bingo hall late as usual. I got there about 3 games into the session and we only play 10. I came in on a $50.00

Lucky Day

I once told the lady playing beside me that she had missed a number and she won $10,000 dollars.


In WA State, I played bingo at a couple of different halls. On January 29th of 1998, a Friday night, I went to one local hall, “northern lights”. When I walked in, I noticed that there was nobody but staff around.


Well me and my neice had been going to bingo at the vfw hall. They had bingo every wed and thursday. We had to travel 40 miles to go to bingo. When we arrived at the bingo hall we saw that it was pretty full..

Ms. Excitable

I was late out the door to go, I was late in the car on the road, I was late into the BINGO hall. In fact I was the last one to buy in. Wow I thought, rush, rush, rush…I kept getting on, and on, and on…

I don’t believe it

A few years ago I decided to go to bingo, instead of keeping an appointment I had previously made for that day. As I went to a table to play, I noticed the hall was PACKED.

How to have a cover-all

When our community decided to host bingo for our senior citizens 2 afternoons a week, I was given the job as caller. Our first day was a mess!

Hey…whatever it takes!

Still to this day I sit here and laugh as I write this. We have all seen and yes even done it..Lucky charms…beg…pleaded..offered our first born..shook our up and walked around our seats…

Murder! At the Bingo Barn?

No one was more surprised than Constable Dan Martin. The small town policeman regularly paid a courtesy visit to the bingo hall 5 nights a week and usually came away with nothing hotter than a micro waved donut and a cup of overcooked coffee.

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