Bingo Stories

Freaky Friday

I went to my usual bingo game on Friday night. I got all set up to play, I always bring a bottle of water with me.

Don’t be Late!

We were running late for our favorite bingo sessions. I rushed in to catch up numbers so as not to miss any . My brother-in-law, Steve Couldn’t get going fast enough and was missing out.


Have you ever seen someone wear his ink? I did! We were at a bingo hall and someone yelled BINGO! and this guy across the room slammed his dauber down and the cap blew off


Well, this a funny bingo story I would love to tell, but I can not name any names because she would really get mad at me.


What to do with myself ?? I got interested in playing the pokies (Slots), then became scared, I was fast becoming *ADDICTED* thus reducing my resources to a dangerous level.


My husband always wondered what intrigued all of us bingo nuts to go and play bingo at the local bingo halls. So one night he asked if he could go with me and see what all the excitement was about.


What a strange world bingo is, the behavior of some players has to be seen to be believed.

Anyones Bingo

Back when bingo was new in my hometown, I played bingo every Sunday night. At that time they used the hard cards and they had racks to put your bingo cards on so they weren’t flat on table…. well one Sunday night we were playing and I

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