75 Ball Bingo Patterns Are Limitless and Exciting

November 21, 2011

75 Ball Bingo Patterns Are Limitless and ExcitingThe huge variety of patterns on a 75 ball bingo card are practically limitless. Here, we will look at several different types that may crop up. The ‘picture frame’ pattern means you must fill in every space around the border of a card. Occasionally, the ‘broken picture frame pattern’ may occur, where every other space around the edge is left blank. There is even an ‘inside picture frame’ – a small box inside the larger picture frame area.

Fancy some bingo bling? How about competing to cover a ‘diamond pattern’? This is a pattern made from four squares — covering top, bottom, left and right of the free space in the middle.

And forget about the cost of a first class stamp nowadays, the ‘Postage Stamp’ pattern, or even the ‘Double Postage Stamp Pattern’, involves having to cover four squares in a corner. The double postage pattern involves any two corners.

Players enjoy the fun and variety of 75 ball bingo – who knows what pattern will crop up next? There are many other varieties of free online bingo, including 90, 80, and 30 ball games. A new type of 75 ball bingo, known as ‘ Swedish variant’ is also gaining in popularity. Play 75 ball bingo today and discover how exciting it can be. Happy pattern-hunting.

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