Bingo takes a tip from Facebook

May 17, 2011

Bingo takes a tip from FacebookA game of online bingo is no longer just that. The social aspect of online bingo is almost as important as the winning and game play, many players claim.

Lovers of online bingo use bingo to stay in touch with friends and family alongside Facebook. Online bingo chat rooms are also a fertile breeding ground for new friendships, and even the occasional romance. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are popular with individuals of all ages but online bingo is only one step behind.

To keep up with technological innovation, many online bingo sites are now incorporating advanced social networking features into their chat rooms, enabling their players to come together much more easily. Players can now create profiles, and issue status updates, announcing to the world what they are doing at a given time.

Recently, a site launched where players can play live on their web cams and videoconference with other members. Time will tell whether this method of playing will become popular, but it certainly is a novel approach to the game.

Of course, sites must offer an enticing no deposit bonus and offer free bingo for many players to join, but as familiarity grows with the concept of social networking, it will be interesting to see where the world of online bingo will go next. 3D bingo anyone?

1 User Review for “Bingo takes a tip from Facebook”

  1. chmclsztr says:

    I am really enjoying this. More and more bingo sites are either incorporating social networking features within their sites or they have their own Facebook page to ‘LIKE’, bringing loads of addition promotions and extra features. Magic!

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