Wink Bingo pays out 25K Jackpot!

September 26, 2010
Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo

Karaokesue is the latest big winner at Wink Bingo. This online bingo player scooped a staggering £25,000 playing the £25,000 Joy Pot game on Friday September 24th. This was the second game in the Joy of Bingo £100,000 Joy Pot bingo promotion and it had a whopping £25K guaranteed in the prize pot. The entire prize was for one winner in this Winner Takes It All £25K Joy Pot game. Karaokesue tried her luck on this bingo jackpot game and won the pot.

The £100,000 Joy Pot promotion spans four of the Joy of Bingo UK bingo sites and comprises four bingo jackpot games with £25K on offer in each game. One Joy Pot game with £25K in prize money is to be played at Wink Bingo, Posh Bingo, Tasty Bingo and at RedBus Bingo. Two games, the first at Tasty Bingo and the second at Wink Bingo, have been played so far. Two more, one at RedBus Bingo and the last one at Posh Bingo, are still to be played. Karaokesue won the £25K jackpot playing the second Joy Pot game at Wink Bingo.

Just like most big winners karaokesue was also completely bowled over when she realized she had won the £25,000 Joy Pot game at Wink Bingo. She was stunned to see her account balance showing this humongous amount of money when she logged in sometime after the game. “I opened up the account and saw all this money and couldn’t speak for about ten minutes.” Once the initial shock wore off and the delight set in karaokesue made plans to pay off her debts and is also planning a holiday with her family. “I can pay off debts and have a fantastic holiday with my family, thank you so much Wink Bingo.” Karaokesue was full of thanks to Wink Bingo for her incredible good luck. “Thank you so much for my winnings, I still can’t believe I’m a winner!” she said when contacted by Wink Bingo after she won the £25,000 jackpot.

The third game in this Joy of Bingo mega bingo promotion will be played on 31st December 2010 at RedBus Bingo. Players across the four Joy of Bingo sites, Wink Bingo, Tasty Bingo, RedBus Bingo and Posh Bingo can earn free tickets for this game too. The chance to win this hefty guaranteed cash jackpot on free tickets has made the £25,000 Joy Pot games even more tempting for online bingo players. It goes without saying that the chance to win such a massive jackpot on free tickets definitely adds a lot of zing to the game making it one of the biggest free bingo jackpots on offer across all UK bingo sites.

Collect the special Pot points on all four bingo sites and exchange them for free tickets for the next £25,000 Joy Pot game at RedBus Bingo. You can also buy tickets for £2 each; just make sure you buy them from RedBus Bingo only. Play the £25,000 Joy Pot game this December and you might be the next big winner just like karaokesue!

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