Dauber Head

January 17, 2010

One evening a few years ago, my ex-husband, myself and my sister went to the evening bingo at one of our local bingo halls here where we live in Regina, Saskatchewan.

During the last hour of bingo, we were getting ready to play the Bonanza game and my ex-husband only needed 3 numbers for a full card right from the beginning. He must of been really excited because he forgot he had his dauber in his hand and went to wipe his forehead and when he looked at us, my sister and I both burst out laughing because he had wiped purple dauber all over his forehead!

He looked at us with a frown and I told him “Don, you have purple dauber all over your forehead!” OMG, was he embarrassed to say the least, he gave me his cards to daub while he took off to the men’s room to try to scrub it away! When he got back, he still had a slight purple stain on his forehead but it was mostly gone and I tell you, every time we rehash old bingo stories, that one always make it to the front! I wish I had my camera that night and I could of sent you all a picture of that.

Anyway, he laughed it off and made sure his dauber was on the table during the rest of the bingo that night, not in his hand, when he wasn’t using it!

Thanks alot for letting me share this hilarious bingo memory with you all!

By Stephanie L.

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