Hey…whatever it takes!

November 10, 2009

Still to this day I sit here and laugh as I write this. We have all seen and yes even done it..Lucky charms…beg…pleaded..offered our first born..shook our cards..got up and walked around our seats…Told someone good Luck get it..( and of coursed hoped they would call the 20 more #s we needed first). Well Last summer I was new to the area..pretty much gave up bingo since I moved 100 miles from where I use to live (try go from going 5 nights a week to not for a year!) My sister was up and one night we decided to go to the local bingo hall I saw on one of my trips to the store. Knowing how people feel about new comers I figured I would wait till the last min. TO walk in so I would not take anyones “seat” ( You know how they have asinged seats at bingo halls!)At this bingo instead of early birds they play quickies..thats when they just call the # and not the Letter and you have to get a full card. My sister is not a bingo player so I had to explain this to her…she nodded and said she understood..game #1 was under way..she gets a straight line she yells BINGOOOOOOOO they stop…everyone is looking at us…she is ready to die of emberassment. So they go on..next quickie she does it again..this time they did not even stop..then..all of the sudden I catch out of the corner of my eye someone beside me. They are rattling off #s and I am trying to play and see what this fury thing is behind me. Mind you it is dead of summer and 85 degrees in Pa where it is very humid. So next thing I knew sitting next me across from my sister is this lady..she has on a heavy fur coat..and she has a necklace made out of turkey wish bones..by now my sister is smirking..and I am gasping for air. So the regular games are now under way..and my sister ( mind you not a bingo player ) is waiting for G53 for a special worth 175.00 and at the same time wishbone lady was waiting to..and she starts to chant..she is rubbing her wish bones saying B7 B7 B7 I will quit smoking if you call my # I will stay home next week I will not buy no more scratch offs. Well then my sister had to do it..she says I need G53…and Turkey lady gets up…puts her hands on my sisters cards and said STOP THE G’S!!! I am thinking what the heck this lady is nuts..what kind of town did I move too! And my sister…being the smart alic that she is… Told her that she did not think her bird was fully cooked and it was missing a few feathers… As they called B7..Now all I can think is…where can I get a turkey bone??I still think it was funny to this day.I have not seen turkey lady after that day…and hope I do not…if so…think I might take one of her turkey bones!

by Lisa Murphy

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