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Bingo Gala - $10 Free and up to 350% Match Bonus! Rating: 9.91, 265 Votes
Launched back in 2000, Bingo Gala is one of the premier bingo sites on the internet where online Bingo players can enjoy 75 Ball and 90 Ball bingo in a variety of bingo halls. These include a Main Hall, a Gold Hall, a High-Rollers Hall and a 90 Ball Hall, all ready to cater for all that a bingo player could want.
(Added: 27-Sep-2001 Hits: 8222 Votes: 265) Rate It Details

Bingo Blowout - £10 Free No Deposit Bonus Rating: 9.5, 59 Votes
Bingo Blowout offers £10 free no deposit bonus and a massive 350% first deposit bonus which means by depositing £10 you get £35 free.
(Added: 8-May-2011 Hits: 814 Votes: 59) Rate It Details

Bingo Empire - Online Bingo Games Rating: 9.98, 223 Votes
Get ready for Bingo Empire to take you to the stars and enjoy the ride of your life in our bingo universe! Hit the biggest jackpots! See the most beautiful patterns! Soar with excitement at the fantastic slots as 3 Reel, 4 Reel and 5 Reel slots spin you into orbit!!
(Added: 6-Mar-2003 Hits: 2876 Votes: 223) Rate It Details

Bingo Plex - $10 free - 350% First Deposit Bonus! Rating: 9, 542 Votes
Bingo Plex offers some great deals for both new and existing members. The atmosphere is friendly with 24/7 support, a great chat room, referral bonuses when you introduce friends, and of course, a fantastic range of games to play. They also feature 3 bingo halls, Main Hall, 90 Ball Hall and a Nickels Hall. In addition they offer a wide variety of side games like Keno, Video Poker, 3-4-5 Reel Slots, Pull Tabs and Blackjack that will keep you entertained.
(Added: 15-Apr-2010 Hits: 1014 Votes: 542) Rate It Details

Bingo Splash! - 350% Deposit Bonus!!! Rating: 9.97, 22 Votes
Bingo Splash offers you 350% bonus on your first deposit and up to 250% on every deposit you make thereafter! Come on in and join our crowd of happy bingo players for some terrific time in the sun. Sit down, relax and enjoy your bingo!
(Added: 2-May-2002 Hits: 1874 Votes: 22) Rate It Details

BingoMEGA - Best US Bingo Site - $10 Free Rating: 9.95, 300 Votes
Bingo Mega is a popular and friendly online bingo site with a multi-player environment! Featuring 6 Bingo Halls: Nickels, 75 and 90 Ball. Every bingo player gets a chance to win jackpots, cash, gifts and bonuses at Bingo Mega – a popular and friendly online bingo site with a multi-player environment! Featuring 3 Bingo Halls: Quarters, Nickels and 90 Ball you will find a wide range of games to suit any budget.
(Added: 4-Dec-2001 Hits: 3442 Votes: 300) Rate It Details

Gina Bingo - The UK's Best Bingo Site! Rating: 9.50, 659 Votes
Gina Bingo is the one of the top UK bingo sites currently online offering big jackpots – free £10 no deposit bonus and up to 200% first deposit bonus along with many other great prizes and promotions.
(Added: 29-Sep-2010 Hits: 6885 Votes: 659) Rate It Details

Glamour Bingo - $10 Free - 350% Deposit Bonus! Rating: 9.91, 457 Votes
Glamour Bingo is the glamorous online bingo game and the place to be! Wins the jackpot when it comes to style! This wonderful theme bingo game is based around all things romantic and glamorous. If you’re a fan of fashion, beauty, movies and music, then Glamour Bingo is for you! Glamour Bingo runs regular bingo tournaments and chat specials, so winning cash prizes, bonuses and gifts are daily events!
(Added: 25-Sep-2001 Hits: 2939 Votes: 457) Rate It Details

Imperial Bingo Rating: 9.99, 432 Votes
Imperial Bingo is a hot new bingo site that has been launched as part of the innovative Bingo Entertainment Network, designed to offer players bigger online jackpots and cash prizes than ever before. Imperial Bingo is the latest in exciting and original Internet bingo games, and truly deserves the label premium online entertainment.
(Added: 12-Aug-2003 Hits: 1509 Votes: 432) Rate It Details

Main Street Bingo Rating: 9.76, 29 Votes
Main Street Bingo is a leading online bingo site that accepts players from the USA, Canada, UK and the rest of the world. One of the many good things about this bingo site is that they have 75 ball bingo preferred by players from the USA and 90 ball bingo preferred by UK and European players.
(Added: 1-May-2002 Hits: 5650 Votes: 29) Rate It Details

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