Bingo Stories

Dauber Head

One evening a few years ago, my ex-husband, myself and my sister went to the evening bingo at one of our local bingo halls here where we live in Regina,Saskatchewan.

Bingo Neighbours

My new mother, and two sisters-in-law took me to a bingo in Warwick R.I. shortly after my second husband and I were married. It was a relatively small bingo hall and it was packed to the rafters.

Bingo Police!

I was playing online bingo at Paramount Bingo. It was my first time, and I couldn’t believe that I had won! I was so happy that I started Screaming. I guess I must have been screaming too loud, because the next thing that…

Bringing the Hubby to Bingo

I took my hubby to bingo for the first time and as we were standing in line to get our cards he jumped. I asked what was wrong cause he looked shocked. After we sat down he told me

Daubers Can Make Such A Mess!

It was a Halloween costume contest at one of the local bingo halls. I thought I would dress up as Thelma Harper. So I used a cushion to make a big butt like hers and thought I would get cute and use ballons to make my top half big like hers.

Bingo Can Kill!

I was playing bingo while grandbabys where watching with one number to go, G59, I kept saying please, please..

Bingo on the Radio

I was playing bingo with one of my bingo buddies online going on about how I wanted to stay home and play bingo instead of going to work. She lives in the States, Florida and I am in Canada, Ontario.

It only takes one card to win!

When I go to bingo I always tell my hubby it only costs about $40.00 to play.

Why I love Bingo

I started playing online bingo 2 1/2 years ago. I’m a stay at home mom with not many neighbors or friends where we moved in Ohio.

Hitting the Jackpot

I love BINGO the thrill of 3tg, 2tg, 1tg sitting on the edge of your chair hoping to see a win, hoping to hit one more jackpot.

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